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Business Meeting

Multicultural Business Alliance
Board of Directors

Who They Are

Our Board of Directors is made up of strategic partners with backgrounds in a diversity of industries. From our mentors and gurus to the management team at Multicultural Business Alliance, we’re a friendly and helpful bunch, so make sure to say hi!

Young Businessman

Charlie McMann

General Partner

An innovative leader who has been critical to the success of our business, we are privileged to have Charlie McMann as a part of our team. We are always impressed with the knowledge and skill that they contribute.

Woman Artist

Jordan Parker


As one of our most experienced team members, Jordan Parker has been a valuable asset to our team. As a former entrepreneur, Jordan Parker brings specific skills to the table and is always looking for the next venture.

Portrait of Smiling Woman

Taylor Quill


Taylor Quill regularly consults with team members as well partners to review long term goals. Our portfolio companies have come to rely on Taylor Quill, who knows how to turn a problem into an opportunity.

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