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Team Meeting

Teams and Team Leadership


Managers execute projects while leadership sets the vision for achieving said projects. Sometimes these two dynamics do not cross. However, in team settings, there is a definite link and overlap. Leadership in teams requires effective communication and innovation to set themselves apart from standard managerial operations and functions. The ability to lead and harness skills in team leadership require the injection of motivation and group buy-in. This course is designed to bridge and thread together leadership and team management to achieve higher levels of success.


After successfully completing this project participants will be able to:

  • Understand what leadership is and how it relates to teams

  • Understanding team dynamics and team needs vs. team goal completion 

  • Ability to explore group strengths to effectively manage projects  

  • Creating team cohesion, effective communication and clear vision in team dynamics

  • Target over 3,000 business owners 

  • Target 2.1 million employees 

Go Team
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