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We're on a mission to fuel economic growth and create equitable opportunities for underrepresented entrepreneurs. Working together to build sustainable businesses and a more equitable future. -RCA, MBA, CEO & Founder

Helping small businesses and entrepreneurs reach their potential through our multicultural business network. Harnessing resources and fostering connection to create a brighter future for everyone. -DOC, MBA, Vice President

Supporting small businesses in the multicultural community. Connecting entrepreneurs, providing resources, and creating opportunities for a better future. #SmallBusinessStrong #SupportLocalBusinesses- MBA Team

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is the is the ability to be aware of and how to manage emotions and relationships. It’s a pivotal factor in personal and professional success.

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Employee Motivation

Leaders and managers are tasked with getting their employees to produce – and not just produce, but to also provide their best work.

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Group Problem Solving Skills

Research has shown that practical problem-solving skills and group dynamic navigation have had little to no training.

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Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills and higher levels of self-awareness are proving to be crucial factors for success in the workplace.


Performance Expectations

Defining and setting performance expectations is one of the more difficult jobs assigned to managers and supervisors.

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Planning Skills 

The primary functions of managers and supervisors is to both plan and organize. This requires managers and supervisors to have solid planning skills.


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Strategic Planning

Goal setting and the achievement of goals do not happen by accident. The commitment to thinking through processes and understanding the importance of planning is what creates goal achievement in the first place.

Team Talk

Team Leadership

Managers execute projects while leadership sets the vision for achieving said projects. Sometimes these two dynamics do not cross. However, in team settings, there is a definite link and overlap.

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Supervisory Role 

Research has shown that practical problem-solving skills and group dynamic navigation have had little to no training.

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Working Communication

Effective communication is not only important, it is necessary and essential no matter what industry you are in. Communicating effectively amongst superiors and colleagues is an essential skill for all employees .

Wind Turbines

Energy Efficiency 

Reaching multimillionaire programs and partnership towards new energy technologies to drive the transition of clean energy and business. 

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