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Working Together

Employee Motivation


Leaders and managers are tasked with getting their employees to produce – and not just produce, but to also provide their best work. Understanding what motivates employees at a primal level and how positive influences can begin to bridge the divide in keeping employees motivated and engaged are key ingredients for success. Research across many fields has come to find that people are guided by basic needs and drivers that are biological in nature and are the baseline for everything we do. This project is designed to teach participants how to understand these basic human needs and utilize them for achievement in engaging and motivating others.



After successfully completing this project participants will be able to:

  • Knowledge of foundational motivation theories and concepts 

  • Understanding of emotional human needs 

  • Creating channels for engagement 

  • Understanding organizational levers and how they affect human needs

  • Target 3,000 business owners

  • Target 4.3 million employees

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